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Jürgen Jung, our Belgian expert has won an IEC 1906 Award – edition 2020


The IEC 1906 Award was established in commemoration of the foundation of IEC and honors technical experts around the world whose work is fundamental to the IEC.

For the 2020 nominations, TC, SyC Chairs and Secretaries and CA Systems Chairs were invited to send names of candidates for the Award by the end of March 2020. Nominees were chosen by TC officers taking into account advice from SC officers. Up to five experts from each TC, SyC and CA System could be nominated.

A total of 180 experts from 53 TCs (ISO/IEC JTC 1 included), 1 SyC, and 13 experts from four CA Systems, from 23 National Committees, have been nominated to receive this year’s IEC 1906 Award, which recognizes exceptional recent achievements related to the activities of the IEC that contribute in a significant way to advancing the work of the Commission.

The CEB team is therefore very proud to be able to congratulate Mr Jürgen Jung, Head of Material Optics & Weathering Lab at Agfa NV, on obtaining this award.

Jurgen Jung