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With more than 100 years of standards expertise, the BEC has become a true knowledge center. Some important data from our history.

1906 - The "Société Belge des Electriciens" ("Belgian society of electricians", the initial driving force behind electrotechnical standardisation in Belgium) actively participates in the founders' meeting of the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) in London.

1909 - The BEC is founded in response to a growing need for technical specifications ensuring the quality and safety of electrotechnical devices.

1912 - The BEC drafts its own statutes, based on the IEC's.

1914 - 1918 - Limited activity.

1923 - The BEC creates its own national quality label CEBEC.

1940 - 1945 - Limited activity.

1945 - The Belgian Institute for Standardisation (BIN) is founded. The BIN entrusts the BEC with the electrotechnical and electronic sector of standardisation. Both organisations remain autonomous.

1958 - The BEC participates in the world fair in Brussels.

1959 - The BEC celebrates its 50th anniversary.

1962 - The Central Laboratory for Electricity (LABORELEC) is founded to support Belgian electrical companies in the fields of research, development and specialized services.

1971 - An exceptional year for the BEC: the IEC General Assembly is organized in the congress palace in Brussels.

1973 - CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization) is founded, with amongst others, CEB-BEC as member that managed the daily affairs of the organization.

1984 - The BEC celebrates 75 years of activity in the congress palace, in the presence of HRH Prince Albert, Prince of Liège.

1997 - The BEC organises the CENELEC General Assembly in Antwerp (Belgium).

2002 - The BEC acquires the INCERT brand, the quality label for electronic burglar systems in buildings.

2003 - The CEBEC quality label is sold to SGS Belgium.

2003 - The law of 3 April 2003 concerning standardisation and foundation of the NBN comes into force. The BEC becomes sectoral standardisation operator.

2004 - The BEC launches EasyBec for its members, a system to access electronic documents and standards.

2009 - The BEC celebrates its 100th anniversary.

2016 - The BEC becomes Member Body for IECEE (Conformity Assessment)

In addition to our history, you can also find information about the BEC in (only available in Dutch and French):