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INCERT a quality label managed by the BEC

Since 2002 INCERT has been the ultimate quality label for building protection and vehicle theft.

INCERT, managed by the BEC, is a quality brand on a voluntary basis that brings the different actors together and is supported by these actors. These actors are insurers, specialized engineering offices, professional associations of manufacturers, distributors and installers as well as certification bodies.

The BEC, as sectoral operator for the commission 79 “Alarm systems”, has placed this under commission 79.

The INCERT brand was originally started from the sector "burglar protection for buildings", but has since been expanded and is now active in the following 4 areas:

  • burglary protection for buildings
  • video surveillance
  • securing vehicles against theft
  • alarm centers

To better protect your building or your vehicle against burglary or theft, you must be able to count on a reliable security chain. That is why the INCERT brand certifies installers who can provide proof of good workmanship, who meet the requirements and also use quality products in the realized security installations as well as the alarm centers that guarantee the follow-up of incoming alarm signals.

Various technical committees and working groups validate and develop the technical notes and regulations that serve as the basis for the certification. These different committees meet regularly to guarantee the correspondence between the technical evolutions and the quality requirements.

The sector committees determine the desired evolutions of the brand within their own domain. All decisions must then be endorsed by the INCERT brand management committee, a committee chaired and managed by the BEC that brings together the representatives of the various interested parties.

In 2014, the INCERT brand was given a new impulse with the launch of electronic declarations of conformity and, later on, the launch of the video surveillance domain ( 2018).

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