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1906 Awards distributed at the NBN Thank you Event on November 24, 2022.


The BEC is pleased to have been able to present 4 awards at the NBN event which took place on November 24, 2022 at the Bozar in Brussels.

Dirk De Moor, Secretary General of the BEC handed over the awards to Johan Van de Velde (Technology Manager at Bekaert Belgium and member of TC 7) and Bart Maximus (Director of Technology and Innovation at Barco Belgium and president of TC 110) for the 2021 edition.

For the 2022 edition, Sigrid Jacobs (Product Development Manager Electrical Steels at ArcelorMittal Global and president of the TC 68) and Rony Haentjens (Standardization and Certification Manager at Niko and president of the TC's 23B-23K-70-109) also received the award.

The IEC 1906 Award was created to commemorate the founding of the IEC and honors technical experts from around the world whose work is fundamental to the IEC.

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Each expert receiving this award was nominated by the leaders of the relevant technical committee, also taking into account the advice of the leaders of the subcommittees. This means that the award is given on the basis of a nomination by their industry peers. They receive this award because, in the opinion of the study committee, they have made an outstanding recent contribution to the development of a specific work project.

Picture from left to right: Dirk De Moor, Rony Haentjens, Johan Van de Velde, Sigrid Jacobs and Bart Maximus