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Ghent university and the BEC join the IECRE


In the framework of the Interreg 2 Seas ENCORE project, the Coastal Engineering Research Group of Ghent University and the BEC recently completed the process to enroll Belgium as a full member of the International Electrotechnical Commission on Renewable Energy (IECRE). Belgium was already a full member of IEC TC114.

IECRE is the IEC system for testing, inspection and certification to standards relating to equipment for use in Renewable Energy applications. IECRE seeks to facilitate international trade in equipment and services in the Renewable Energy sector through the development of a single/global Conformity assessment system. This Conformity assessment system strives for achieving acceptance of high quality international standards by local/national authorities and other bodies requiring conformity to standards

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With this new Belgian IECRE membership, the Coastal Engineering Research Group of Ghent University and the BEC have the objective to contribute to the development and implementation of international high quality certification schemes in the sectors of Marine Energy, Wind Energy and Solar Energy. The main objective is to de risk new technologies, facilitate export and increase attractiveness and confidence for investors. For emerging industries such as those related to Marine Energy a better communication and product assessment will be achieved in the supply chain by using a harmonized and uniform global certification system.