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We’ve got the rhythm with Anirudh Eswaran, the new Technical Officer at the BEC.


From a young age I have held science and technology in high regard, initially being fascinated by nature and its many wonders. Later, my fasciation drifted to the ability of humans to understand, and in a second step harness natural phenomena, and thus evolve both technologically and socially.

As of today, I believe technology to be the backbone of our society, and with STEM-related disciplines evolving at an unprecedented rate, I am eager to see what the future of society holds as a direct result of technological evolution.

Anirudh’s professional side…
Upon receiving my master’s degree in electromechanical engineering technology at the KU Leuven in 2019, I started working on a project to analyse electrical installations within and around the Brussels airport, with the goal of attaining a certification of electrical conformity for each of the installations in question. Though I was initially tasked with providing the necessary expertise to identify and rectify faulty or suboptimal installations, I simultaneously coordinated the teams responsible for carrying out the necessary work to obtain the conformity. In the process, I worked closely with AREI experts, to whom I often referred to when running my simulations. This marked my first involvement with standards and the additional legal framework.

After finishing the aforementioned project in early 2021, I received the opportunity to work as a project manager in the digitization of the road infrastructure in the Walloon region. Here, I was tasked with developing and supervising the digital framework needed in order to render the infrastructure “connected”. This encapsulated analyzing incoming data streams and using the said data to monitor the performance of the whole network, identify outliers and report corresponding key performance indicators to the stakeholders. As part of several feasibility studies conducted throughout the development and optimisation of the digital framework, I worked closely with experts in lighting and cybersecurity to ensure that the delivered product was conform with industry standards. I decided to leave my position to join the BEC in order to delve into the specifics of electrotechnical standards. I believe that a thorough understanding of standards is the key to delivering reliable, state-of-the-art technological products and services. Furthermore, I am a staunch supporter of the campaign to educate people on the importance of contributing to the development of standards, as I believe that this is the only way to assure continuous improvement on a level-playing field.


Anirudh through a few questions…
Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies?
Anirudh: " I am an avid musician with a love for classical music."
What makes you get up in the morning?
Anirudh: "The urge to learn something new and improve myself."
What is your greatest personal and professional achievement?
Anirudh: "Having only worked in the post-COVID environment, I consider the success of my first project to be my biggest professional achievement to date. In terms of personal achievements, I consider my ability to balance engineering and music at a high level to be my greatest achievement to date."
What is the best book you have read recently?
Anirudh: "On Bullshit by Harry G. Frankfurt.
What animal would you consider your spirit animal?
Anirudh: "I consider a dog to by my spirit animal, due to the simple reason that they are incredibly loyal and unconditional in their loyalty."
What is your favorite food?
Anirudh: "I am a huge fan of Asian and Indian food in general, with a particular appetite for South Indian food."
What is your biggest frustration?
Anirudh: "Not having the time and capacity to learn and understand everything there is to know in life."
What do you do in your free time?
Anirudh: "Play music and read books, both fiction and non-fiction."
When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Anirudh: "I have always dreamt of being able to combine my love for music and technology into one “dream” job, though I am yet to identify the said job and where I could find it."
What inspires you?
Anirudh: "I am inspired by the brilliant minds of yesteryear that have shaped our society of today. I don’t have one person who inspires me more than anyone else, as I do not believe in singular idolatry."