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Public comments on national, European and international standard drafts

The BEC allows you to comment on all national, European and international standard drafts.

By sending an e-mail to, you can comment on any part of a standard draft, or as a general comment on the standard draft.

In order to prevent abuse, e.g. unwanted advertising, unacceptable language, etc., these comments will be checked and centralized before they are submitted to the study committee.

The study committee itself has the deciding vote on whether the comments will actually be accepted and processed. You can obtain definitive standards and standard drafts from the web store.

All rights are reserved by the BEC. No part of this website may be reproduced, adapted, published and/or passed on in any way without the prior written consent of the BEC.

Although the utmost care has been taken in drawing up the draft standards, errors and incompleteness cannot be ruled out completely. The BEC and/or the members of the study committees therefore do not accept any liability, not even for direct or indirect damage, caused by or in connection with the application of standards published on this website.

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