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Standards are everywhere

From children's clothing to traffic lights, from excavators to pencil sharpeners: standards are used all around us every day.

Close to home you will find standards defining...

  • how big each parking space is in an underground parking lot
  • how much protection your sunglasses offer
  • how zippers and cords are attached to children's clothing
  • how hot a tealight gets
  • how shock-resistant a shower cabin is

In professional environments, you will find standards defining...

  • how to safely weld metal
  • how pressurised medical gasses move through pipes
  • how your desk respects the laws of ergonomics
  • how to correctly draw asbestos soil samples
  • how electrotechnical symbols feature on a technical drawing

Each standardisation domain (labour, environment, construction, ICT etc.) has its own sectoral standardisation operator.

The BEC is the nationally, Europe-wide and internationally recognised Belgian standardisation operator specifically for the domain of electrotechnics and electronics.

In other words, at the BEC you will find standards related to power pylons, lightbulbs and batteries, but not to food or camping materials, for instance.

NBN is responsible for all other standardisation in Belgium. The BEC maintains close relations with both NBN and the European and international standardisation bodies (CENELEC and IEC respectively for electrotechnics and electronics).

Technical drawing

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