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The mission of the BEC

The Belgian Electrotechnical Committee has a clear mission to its target groups but also to the outside world.

This mission consists of the following assignments:

  • to inform Belgian electrotechnical companies, government bodies and citizens about standards and standardisation practice in the relevant domains (centre of expertise)
  • to create awareness among companies about how influencing and applying standardisation can be a powerful tool to realize technical and financial corporate objectives
  • to facilitate companies' participation in the standardisation process through technical committees
  • to advise and support standards users in their application of published standards
  • to provide efficient and paid access to standards and standard related documents
  • to ensure mutual communication between Belgian, European and global standardisation activities

As a member of both IEC and CENELEC, CEB-BEC is active in various governing body groups, such as the General Assemblies and other corporate advisory bodies when appropriate.

IEC: International Electrotechnical Committee (international)

CENELEC: European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (Europe)

The BEC is also a nationally recognized member of NBN as a sectoral standardization operator for electrical engineering and electronics.

NBN: Bureau for Standardisation (Belgium)

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